Millennials Behind The Wheel

See how Millennials are shifting the norms in the automotive industry.

Top Five Findings

  • Millennials are buying cars rather than investing in rental cars: 86 percent of people bought cars, compared to a combined 14 percent who leased or rented a vehicle.
  • Millennials are buying more used cars than new: Used car sales under $25,000 make up 66 percent of Millennial car owners.
  • Cost, space and environmental efficiency matter the most to both Millennial buyers and renters.
  • Trust plays an important role in the car-buying process: Millennials look to both online reviews from other drivers (40 percent of renters, and 45 percent of buyers) and recommendations from friends/family (32 percent of renters and 50 percent of buyers).
  • Test drives guide 57 percent of purchasing decisions when buying: 69 percent prefer to have an expert in the vehicle throughout their test drive, while 48 percent want to hear or see content from other who’ve previously bought that car.

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