How our People-Powered Marketing Platform Works

Crowdtap combines community and technology to generate agile brand research, authentic peer recommendations and influential brand storytelling at-scale.

We build passionate crowds of people to share their ideas, opinions and stories with brands in social media.

Recruit & target your most relevant consumers.

Build a crowd of real people who are eager to share their ideas, opinions and stories with your brand. Tap into your crowd at any time, in real time, for rapid feedback and powerful peer-to-peer storytelling at-scale.

Leverage a range of skills & talents with custom crowds.

Build stronger relationships with engagement tools & a dedicated member team.

Activate crowd members based on your marketing objectives.

Measure campaign performance & uncover new opportunities.

Track campaign performance within Crowdtap's client dashboard and lean on best-of-breed measurement and reporting standards to understand the full impact of your efforts. Utilize ongoing and iterative consumer feedback to optimize campaigns and unearth new opportunities along the way.



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